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Dank Midori #30 - Kuu Dere :iconthecittiverse:TheCittiverse 16 5
Dad has gone to get surgery, as will I soon
This is a really rather important journal. I have yet to say this before but I've said it once in one of :iconanewenfartist:'s streams. I'm going to get gastric bypass surgery to help me lose some weight. It's going to be hard because my dad right now is also getting the surgery but the reason he is doing it is because he doesn't want me to feel alone. Today he went in very early in the morning and is possibly already at the hospital.
I myself will not get it until I exit college for summer break, yet I feel nervous/worried and I want to know how my dad is doing. This type of surgery will change our lives on how we eat and my dad had to give up most of his favorite alcoholic drink that he loves. I really do hope that this surgery really does help us and I hope he makes a good recovery.
I myself right now, am just here at home getting ready to go college soon. This is the second time my dad has went to get surgery. His first time was mostly because of a hernia but now he's putting a bra
:iconrocuevas:ROCuevas 1 3
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Yandere (male) info-chan x Reader [3]
  'I thought bff/n was in class by now..' I thought to myself as I unlocked my hone to see the text. I clicked on messages and clicked on the un-known number. What I saw was quite... disturbing I guess..
-??? Started pestering Y/n at 7:45-
???: Stay away from Senpai.
Y/n: What? I don't even know you, don't go ordering me around.
Y/n: But anyway who is the 'Senpai' you are talking about?
???: Don't play idiot. Taro, duh.
???: Now if you don't want your fucking skin ripped off I suggest you stay away.
-??? Stopped pestering Y/n at 7:47-
    I just stood there, shaking. Though my brain wanted to play this off as some girl wanting to just scare me off... it sounded oddly truthful. Should I be scared? I blocked the unknown user and walked back down the stairs to the lockers. I Looked out the doors, they lead to an outside area with a fountain and some cherry trees. If I was in my usual self I would probally join them, but taro was there.. and the text left me o
:iconxxpicklecatxx:xXPickleCatXx 4 1
Yandere (male) info-chan x Reader [2]
The weekend went by extremely fast, why is it that when I want things to go by slow life does the opposite? Ahh... whatever, can't be helped. I sighed as I walked over to my closet. It was about 6:30am, I decided to get up early for this day, it was Monday... meaning it was my first day of school.. fun. I opened the creaky closet doors and pulled out my, god awful, uniform. In my last school they had dress codes but no uniforms, so this was very annoying- and might I say disturbing. 
  I put on the uniform, with much hesitation,and it was very tight- but I didn't expect any better. I closed my closet  and tossed my pajamas on my bed and went into the bathroom. I put on just a bit of makeup, not wanting to show off, and brushed my h/l h/c hair. I didn't do anything special with my hair except letting it rest on my shoulders, I wasn't keen on impressing anyone. It was about 6:45 now, I was going to leave at 7, I had to ride my bike there anyways. When my mom says she was l
:iconxxpicklecatxx:xXPickleCatXx 5 0
Yandere (male) info-chan x Reader [1]
(I usually update on quotev but why not on here eh? ^-^)
 I sighed wearily as I opened my eyes to the blinding morning sun. I rolled around uncomfortably in my bed for a few minutes before laying back down again. I threw the covers over my head, closing my eyes shut- and tight. 'Today is the day..' I put the pillow over my mouth as I groaned loudly, I was regretting this day greatly. Today. Is. Moving day, I groaned louder this time. Apparently my mother heard threw my pillow shield and knocked at my door. "Honey..? You awake yet?" She mumbled threw my wooden door. I groaned to signify my existence. "Coming in.."
  "I don't see why we have to move anyways." I said, sitting up strait on my bed, as my mother was sitting on the edge of it-- and that means it's about to get serious up in here. "You know exactly why we are moving, jobs like these don't come often. And to top it off that school you are going to is top quality." She said, sighing. I lo
:iconxxpicklecatxx:xXPickleCatXx 2 0



Renevant Delonia

Stitches only open when commanded and now she has the ability to rip them open. And she's hunting down all those who were "involved" in the murder of her mother.
She's already took one trophy from the first rival.
Poor young Nyx. Lost her sister, and will never again explore the rest of the world outside the wall of her own kingdom
NYX - me®
App- Avatar Maker: Anime©
Dead Phanta
Poor young Phanta. Murdered by a Netherrealmer. How will her parents (dackin and halata) react. How will she react. Who's she? Oh. ... She is....

Phanta + parents- ®me
App- © Avatar Maker: anime
Lady Halata
Ahh. So it was her he saw. Lady Halata, queen of the Saturains. And look, she's impressed by Dackin.

Dackin and Halata- ®me
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:iconrocuevas: is my lovly boyfriend (in real life too) aaaaaand
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I love Mortal Kombat and Hellraiser


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